• Job Title: Software Programmer / Database Developer


    Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Information Systems or related fields of studies.

    Location: Columbia, MD, Houston, TX and other locations

    Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work as member of technical team responsible Software and Database Systems Application Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Support including:  Build, implement and support Business Intelligence (Bf) solutions; Gather, research and analyze data so as to develop insightful conclusions and generate solutions to address business user needs and decision making; Design, redesign, develop, test and implement the Applications as per the Project's requirements, specifications and business processes; Design/redesign, program, development of database system and application using ETL, SQL Scripts, SQL Server; Develop and utilize business process automation tools to create data structures and models and to automate the business processes for daily maintenance and process reporting using T-SQL; Design, develop and implement Data Models, Tables and Stored Procedures for the application/system to capture and analysis data using SQL Server 2012; Create data packages and deployment scripts for deploying the application into the Client Server Architecture system using SSIS; Research data inaccuracies and inconsistencies and determine causes through researching the multiple source systems; Research data validity issues with application environment and implement changes to improve application stability/data validity to ensure data quality and performance; Monitor and document the data movement to the target sources through different automation tools for testing and production environments; Build and deploy various SQL Server Integration Service packages for data migration and data extraction; Participate in the development and implementation of data extraction using best practices throughout through the data migration tool such as SSIS; Review and implement data migration strategy and roadmap to enhance usability, completeness, and accuracy of enterprise data throughout the Enterprise Database Systems and applications and ensure that data migration development adheres to standards and practices for development and the SDLC methodology; Perform analysis of all data into, out of and within applications in support of Data warehousing efforts using SQL Server 2012; Identify and quantify data issues within the organization and assist in the development plans to resolve data issues; Develop and implement business intelligence solutions that deliver actionable information to the business users with a high degree of impact using T-SQL and SSIS; Develop, document and perform testing and validation as needed using T-SQL scripts; Work with SM Es to develop business rules that support the transformation of data; Facilitate discussions between end users and data modelers as needed; Utilize ETL standards and practices toward establishing and following a centralized metadata repository; Work with business users and development team to ensure integrity and proper integration for all sources of enterprise data; Work with business users and development team to ensure integrity and proper integration for all sources of enterprise data; Work closely with areas directly connected to the Data Warehouse to ensure that reporting, business intelligence, and analytic data needs are met; Designed and implemented complex SSIS package to migrate data from multiple data sources; Created SSIS package to extract, validate and load data into Data warehouse; Extensively worked on creating SSIS packages and have used For each Loop containers, Sequence Container for developing processes and loaded data using different transformations such as Derived Columns, Condition Split, Aggregate, Merge Join and Union all; Created stored procedure, Views and functions to support applications; Actively support Business users for change requests and provide support to team members; Developed rule engine for data validation to ensure data quality; Optimizing SQL stored procedures using lnline Views, Dynamic SQL, Merge statements and indexes to improve the performance; Create and schedule SQL Agent jobs and maintenance plans; Derive and document process application business rule and convert it into SQL stored procedures for database specific projects; Design, develop and maintain relational databases utilizing the following programming technologies and tools – T-SQL, DB2, DTS, Oracle, ETL, SSR, SSIS, SSA, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Visual Studio.Net, SQL Queries, SQL Scripts, SQL Server 2008/2005, Visio 2007, SQL Profiler, HTML, UML, XML, SQL Analyzer, PVCS, ANT, C#, T-SQL, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Unix, Linux, Windows 7/8 etc.

Send detailed resume with references to: Attn:  HR, Vayusoft Solutions Inc., 5850 Waterloo Road, Suite 140, Columbia, MD 21045